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About Toronto Custom Lights 0/5 (2)

Proudly serving Canadian market. After 8 years of custom lighting mods, we’ve seen and experienced just about every type of housing, LED product, Halo Ring, Bulb, Projector, and module out there. From Hyundai to Subaru or Mercedes to Porsche, we would love to help you...

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Morimoto XSB Halo Rings 5/5 (4)

We are proud to announce the arrival of new Morimoto XSB halo rings with hybrid LED technology. Redefining: the meaning of what an "angel eye" is, the Morimoto XSB halo rings are the culmination of every practical lesson learned since LED halos hit the market....

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Aftermarket Headlights. NAN/5 (35)

The days when all cars used to have same basic frosted glass headlights are long gone. Modern vehicles not only have clear and stylish headlights that are incorporated in the overall design of the body, but also have advanced and improved functionality. Car...

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