Aftermarket headlightsThe days when all cars used to have same basic frosted glass headlights are long gone. Modern vehicles not only have clear and stylish headlights that are incorporated in the overall design of the body, but also have advanced and improved functionality. Car manufactures have the flexibility to “personalise” vehicles with various lighting accessories such as halo rings, LED strips, regular or bi-xeonon projector lenses, high intensity discharge (HID) lighting system, fog lights etc.

Unfortunately, the clear plastic lenses on such headlights deteriorate with time, becoming opaque, faded, discoloured and hazy from the sun, weather elements and road debris. This significantly reduces light output and performance over time, which can make driving in dark  roads quite difficult and somewhat dangerous. Inexpensive polishing ointments claim to restore lenses to near new conditions, but these treatments are ineffective in most cases, or the results may not last long.

If you are thinking about replacing your aged headlights with something more unique and customized to your expectations, this is the right place to get started. We can help you realize all your ideas when it comes to custom aftermarket headlights here in Toronto. We specialize in custom aftermarket headlights modifications and installations.

We strive for customer satisfaction with reasonable pricing and best quality that the aftermarket headlights market can offer. All custom projects are unique and demand individual solutions, therefore we would be more than happy to offer help and consult with every request.


Toronto Custom Lights.

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