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Automotive LED wedge base bulbs are ideal for replacement of dim and yellow incandescent bulbs in both interior and exterior of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Such bulbs are very common on side markers, tail lights, back up lights, license plate lights, map lights, dome lights, trunk lights, glove box light, step and courtesy lights. LED Bulbs produce bright white light consuming the fraction of the power that incandescent bulbs do. Those Direct replacement LED bulbs will replace most types of wedge base bulbs and sub miniature bulbs on vehicles.

Bulb Types: 194 / 168 / T10, 912 / 921 / T5, 24,74

1 2 3 Automotive Festoon led BulbsAutomotive Festoon LED bulbs produce bright, vibrant light in comparison to factory incandescent bulbs. Direct replacements for interior lighting such as dome lights, map lights, trunk lights, step and courtesy lights. Direct LED replacements for all festoon bulb sizes, just measure the length of your stock bulb for a match.

Bulb Types: 578 / 211-2 / 4410, DE022, 6418,561, 3AG / Fuse Lamp

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