Switchback LED Strips

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We offer multi-functional dual color flexible switchback LED strips. Those LED strips are super bright and are ideal for most automotive LED lighting projects. From headlights to taillights, LED strips offer creative options for upgrading the lighting system of any vehicle compare to stock mediocre setup.

Does your car need different sizes? Depending on application we offer different sizes available with switchback option. Switchback LED strips are perfect for upgrading DRL system on Canadian vehicles from front, and modernizing the taillights from the back anyway you desire.

We install All LED strips, even yours. Please see some great projects in our SERVICES section for ideas on your vehicle.

Prices are subject to change without notice, please contact us for accurate pricing and availability for your vehicle or motorcycle.

*** Some vehicles require special hardware components and/or custom wiring modifications to ensure compatibility with Daytime Running Lights system.


 Wiring is easy with a variant of the X Change Module integrated into the LED driver that powers each strip. Feed the white wire with constant 12V+. Ground the black wire, and tap the yellow wire to the turn signal circuit.


A special blend of silicone and phosphor covers the face of each strip. This proprietary coating is responsible for the neutral “white when off” look of the XSB’s and their amazing, uniform intensity – which is unlike anything else on the market.


The innovative Hybrid-LED technology delivers a virtually infinite lifespan of 50,000 hours. That’s almost six straight years! Because they’re based on much more stable and mature SMD-LEDs; they are considerably more reliable between hot/cold cycles compared to “new” COB based products.


Built on a ribbon-based circuit board that’s got a side profile of less than one millimeter thick and backed with 3M adhesive. The XSB strips are not only the most flexible LED strips on the market, but they can be mounted in tight spaces too. Finally you can forget about those bulky, unattractive silicone switchback strips for good.