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Morimoto Mini D2S projectors 3.0

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All-New: The new 3.0 gives a whole new meaning to the Mini D2S. Retrofitters can relax and rejoice as Morimoto‘s Mini D2S 3.0 has finally arrived! All new from the solenoid up, the reinvented Mini D2S will make every retrofitter re-think their next choice in projectors.

Matured: As the big brother to the popular Mini H1; the D2S 3.0 has grown in size and matured in every other way compared to the outgoing 2.0 model. Not only are the optics vastly improved, but the precision in the castings, the materials used for the bi-xenon mechanism and it’s moving parts, to the finishes applied from front to back are we’ve been striving for all along: OEM quality in an aftermarket setting.

Easy to Install: Amazing ease of installation relative to the amount of performance they produce; no D2S-based projector can really compare. They produce a very wide beam pattern with a perfect distribution of light and top it off with a supremely sharp cutoff that will blow your mind. We’re gonna go ahead and say not many projectors will out-shine the D2S 3.0 on the road and to be honest, FX-R sales have on the decline since these launched.

Installation Summary: Regardless of application, it really doesn’t get much easier! Just remove the headlight lens, insert the threaded mounting shaft through the pre-existing hole in the back of the reflector, hand-tighten, check rotation, tighten, and re-seal headlights. Minimal cutting will probably be involved, but you’ll find the results well worth it!

X-O Lenses: The optional “X” Lens, with its modern square shape is for those looking for something extra unique without compromising any light output. Though shroud options are more limited for the X-Lens, the projectors are also available with a traditional 3″ round (“O” Lens) that works with all shrouds. Both lenses are 100% optically clear, so no need for any upgrades here.


  • 2x Mini D2S projectors 3.0 Bi-Xenon
  • 2x Hardware Packs: Lock Rings, Bulb Caps, etc.
  • 2x Inputs: 9006 Male Pigtails
  • Warranty: Three Years

  • Functionality: Low and High Beam (Bi-xenon)
  • Traffic Patterns: LHD and RHD
  • Compatible With: 35W and 50W HID Systems
  • HID Bulb Size: D2S only

  • Max Height:95mm
  • Max Width:100mm
  • Max Depth:145mm
  • O Lens Diameter:3 inch
  • X Lens Diameter:2.75 inch
  • Mounting Shaft: Diameter = 35mm
  • Lock Nut: Size = 46mm
  • Housing Depth: Minimum = 117m
  • Lens Diameter:3″
  • Size:Medium

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O Lense, X Lense


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